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Palazzo Radici is located on Via Porta Dipinta in Bergamo, an age-old city of art characterised by an outstanding culture of artisanship and industry. Rising at the foot of the Orobic Alps, the capital of the province bearing the same name, Bergamo still retains the fascinating atmosphere of its millenarian history in its name: a mountain, Berg, on which stands a home, heim.

Berghem, as it is known in local dialect, was home to illustrious figures known around the world: Pope John XXIII, Caravaggio, Giambattista Moroni, Gaetano Donizetti, Giacomo Quarenghi, Bernardo and Torquato Tasso, Lorenzo Lotto, Pietro Paleocapa and Giacomo Manzù.

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Over the centuries, the urban architecture developed along the natural hilly terrain: the historic city rises in the upper part, protected by the Venetian walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017; the modern city, the centre of cosmopolitan life, extends over the plain below.

Today Bergamo is an open and lively place, where the city’s two personalities, the Upper and Lower Cities, come together harmoniously to welcome tourists and travellers from all over the world. With nearby Milan and Lake Iseo, it offers the chance for unforgettable stays.

With its evocative charm and timeless beauty, Palazzo Radici is the place to enjoy an unforgettable experience of art, relaxation and luxury.

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Via Porta Dipinta, the Upper City. Nestled amongst the elegant façades of medieval buildings, Palazzo Radici is distinguished by its unusual charm.

The palazzo was home to several families of the Milanese and Bergamo nobility including Countess Paolina Secco Suardo, also known as Lesbia Cidonia, a famous poetess of the Accademia dell’Arcadia (1746-1801).

In 1891, the Radici family purchased the building to make it their place of residence. Since then, all the rooms in the palazzo have been the heart of daily life and the object of care and preservation.

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In October 2022, architect and property owner Barbara Radici commenced important restoration work on the majority of the interior spaces, focusing particularly on the rooms on the first and second floors.

Proceeding from the entrance and reaching the delightful internal courtyard, an elegant iron and brass door leads to the grand staircase and up to the first floor, where elegant rooms for private, cultural and musical events welcome guests in an ambiance of the olden days. From another entrance you reach the second floor, converted into elegant Guest Quarters whose contemporary refinement and historical charm coexist harmoniously in four exclusive rooms which provide each guest with an incomparable experience.


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Exploring the city

Staying at Palazzo Radici allows you to experience the city to the full. From museum visits to outdoor activities: your desires are waiting for you in the surroundings.

Located in the medieval area, Palazzo Radici is close to all major points of interest in the area:

Accademia Carrara

850 m – 11 minutes on foot

Piazza vecchia

400 m – 6 minutes on foot

Cathedral and Santa Maria Maggiore

400 m – 6 minutes on foot

Donizetti Theatre

1,7 km – 20 minutes on foot – 8 minutes by car

Teatro Sociale

370 m – 5 minutes on foot

Golf Club Bergamo L’Albenza

16,5 km – 30 minutes by car

Ai Colli Bergamo Golf Club

5,5 km – 12 minutes by car


7,6 km – 20 minutes by car


3 km – 10 minutes by car


2 minutes on foot

Funicular station

850 m – 13 minutes on foot


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